What shoes to wear with a wedding gown?

What shoe to wear with a wedding gown in Nigeria?

Looking for a shoe to wear with a wedding gown?

Hey, I’ve some great news for you. First thing first, you as the bride need to ask yourself what shoes can a lady of your personality wear with a dress before making decisions on the shoes to wear on your wedding day with your wedding gown.

Do you know that wedding planning is stressful enough so making the choice of shoes to wear with your wedding dress shouldn’t add to existing stress if you consider all that is noted above especially where the dress has been chosen and your choice of shoes depends on the type or style of dress. The most widely used colors for bridal shoes are white, neutral, grey, yellow, violet, and black.

However, picking a special tone color like an emerald or a ruby is a great way to add some extra attractiveness to your gown and showcase your personality. Picking a shoe to wear with your wedding gown that equally fits your personality isn’t a problem anymore because the time of choosing only white or off-white is gone, come to think of it you can dye the shoe from one color to another color to get the color that you so desire even change the embellishment to suit your color or add the embellishment that has such color.

I advise heel sandals or pumps to lengthen the leg. Heels should only be an option if you are used to wearing them regularly in the past, and if you are not used to it, but you really want to wear them, then buy a sample of your ideal wedding shoes well in advance so start wearing it to get used to heels before the D-day. With this in mind, there are factors to consider while choosing shoes to wear with your wedding dress:

Is your wedding day

Wow! I’m pretty sure that you are excited about your wedding day or even planning your wedding, you can’t wait to do all the styling without breaking the bank. Most people will say is it not choosing shoes, you have to get it right by matching the style of your shoe to your dress to the occasion and the wedding day. This is why; you have to consider the wedding day on its own, the style of your dress, and the season when selecting a wedding shoe. For example, a satin gown works well with open-toe shoe, off-white shoe would work well with an off the shoulder dress, halter neck dress, and open back dress while cotton gown during the hot weather. In contrast, a plain raw silk with closed shoe would complement a full-skirted gown during the rainy months.

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If you are tall and have got super long legs, you can go for flat precious sandals that’ll give you a dancing walk but have it in mind that, if your husband is not tall, you have to consider his height when choosing shoes so you done have to dwarf him, therefore, your choice of shoe is based on his height irrespective of your dress.


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For the above reason, what should be your main concern is whether you are comfortable. Yes, I said comfortable because you want to dance you, soul, out showing excitement on your big day and wedding is a whole day event so there is a probability that you might wear the shoe for the whole day, did you forget the photo sessions and other formalities.

In today’s world of fashion, thanks to innovation and technology you can avoid all that is noted above by pre-ordering your shoes from online stores like Chincotonaija, in order to avoid embarrassing yourself on your D-day, you know such disappointment will hurt so much because you caused it yourself trying to be a shoe-maker in disguise. In pre-order, you can ask for a particular fabric such as satin, silk, leather to match your dress. I bet you will want your beautiful shoes to appear in the pictures but nevertheless, I think you will need to tag a second pair that is flat.

Getting a second pair

As you can see, wedding day is actually a busy day for the bride, no matter how comfortable your wedding shoes are, it’s always wise to have an extra pair or back up. For example, you can never eliminate some misfortune on that day, such can be you never know if you might break a heel or tear the shoe fabric might cut or fallen off embellishment details.

I always suggest buying additional footwear while helping to prevent blisters because your feet can swell up; some people’s feet naturally swell up after sitting for a few hours, you never can tell. For these reasons and comfort, most modern brides keep one pair for the wedding ceremony (pictures and first dance) that’s the main wedding shoes then change into a second pair (spare which can be anything from flip-flops to sneakers) for the wedding reception and the rest of the evening.

Luckily, finding shoes that suit both you and your dress is easy these days, the old rules no longer apply, As long as you give some thought to your personal style and plan ahead, as you can see what shoes to wear with your wedding gown is arguably the most important part of your wedding day, you may think it sounds crazy but wrong choice of shoes for your wedding outfit can ruin your wedding day.

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