Images speak louder than words

The reason pictures speak louder than words

Pictures speak louder than words in the literal sense. Pictures are always captured by the human brain quicker than words. Our attention is always drawn to advertisements, newspapers, or social media posts with images.

Visually pictures are more colorful than written words. A colorful picture will always be eye-catching, flashy, and compelling to say the least.

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Emotions & Reactions

Images have the power to trigger emotions in us and something even reactions. That’s why even with media outlets as much as they talk, the pictures that are shown delivers the messages with clarity.

One of the growing problems with today’s media is how pictures are used in fake news which triggers false narratives and invokes different reactions from people. That’s how much power images have on our emotions and reactions.


Images help us to remember and often speak when we can’t. When people lose their loved ones, images, and pictures help them reconnect and relive the memories they once shared.

During a tragic situation when words can’t do justices to the harm that one has undergone images speaks a shades light on the situation. We can see these self-harm cases, rape situations, and more.

Images help tell difficult stories that can’t be told due to tragic memory. These stories can be the experience of wars, slavery, the cruelty of racism, and more. When an outsider looks at the images, he/she will get the full weight of the events.


When it comes to emotions indeed Images speak louder than words. Words can’t create the type of emotions images can. Emotions such as happiness, sadness, the feeling of loneliness to mention a few only an image can truly capture and express to the actual degree.

Picture create truth from a visual standpoint, it gives detailed information at the moment of capture. The information an image presents it left for anyone to make an interpretation of the event into his or her own’s understanding.

An image can be understood by anyone irrespective of the language he or she speaks. It’s truly universal for all.

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