How to use Instagram to show off your style

# How to use Instagram to show off your style

Instagram is a social media platform that’s all about pictures, art, design, and style. Instagram creates an avenue for each and everyone to express themselves.

Showcasing your style on Instagram means being your true self. What truly defines your style is your uniqueness, originality, and you!

People often tend to shy away from showing themselves on Instagram. Due to the notion of certain body types, race and religion won’t be commonly accepted. These are parts that define you and should be shared as your style.

If you are puzzling the style of yours that you would love to showcase on Instagram. Imagine the parts of you that people haven’t gotten to see.

Now you are set to show off your style on Instagram. Here are the tips on show off your style on Instagram.

Creative Instagram Bio

Instagram bio helps new followers have a better understanding of what your Instagram page is all about.

Having a creative Instagram bio compels page visitors and new followers to be drawn in. It’s essential to make your Instagram bio brief.

There are certain elements an Instagram bio should have.


It proper to start with your name as Instagram bio is similar to self introduction.


This is a spot to place a website URL. Place the personal blog or website URL you would love to share with your audience.


Your Instagram bio serves as an introduction to page visitors and new followers. Here you can describe yourself.

Below are different examples of Instagram bio to give you a glance.

With quotes
Minimal Instagram Bio
Using emoji
Minimalist instagram bio

Instagram Highlight

Instagram highlights are videos and pictures that remain after the story disappears. Usually, Instagram highlights are found below the profile just the posts.

You can create lots of Instagram highlight categories to express your style. It’s necessary to have an icon for each highlight category like the example below.

Instagram Highlight icon

Picture and video quality

Pictures speak louder than words in the case of Instagram. Instagram is all about images and videos. Capturing a clear video or images that show your style is important.

If you are using a mobile phone for your pictures and videos, make sure the phone has a high-quality camera.

Camera angle matters when taking a picture. Find the angle that fits you and your style when taking a picture.

Some pictures will only have the power, effect, and awesomeness from certain angles. The example below makes it clearer the effect of picture angle has in showing off your style

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tissan (@ti_ssan) on

Use of Hashtags and location

Using a hashtag is the easiest way to create your awareness of style across Instagram. Although since the launch of Instagram in 2010, hashtags have had some changes. Nevertheless, it’s still effective as it as been.

Using hashtags that fit your style is the key, to attract audiences that are like-minded. It’s easy to find hashtags that are related to your style.

Adding a location to your post works similar to a hashtag. It shows that you have been there. Each time someone else searches for the location, your post would turn up. There is a nice feature to use especially if you enjoy traveling.

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A post shared by Cassper (@munachix) on

Join the latest trends that fit your style

In this day and age, there is always a new trend on social media. Don’t feel pressured by the notion “this trend is cringy”.

Join a trend that you feel comfortable with while showcasing off your style. Trends are one of the ways to reach a wider audience and gaining followers.

It’s best to join a trend in the intial stage rather than in the latter stage.


To engage with followers and grow your audience, posting frequently is a must. Consistently posting content that shows your style which your audience expects from you will increase engagement rates.

There isn’t any manual on how frequently you should post. 3-4 post a week is within the right range to keep followers engaged while showing off your style.


The aim of the article to encourage you to show off your style on the Instagram platform. Everyone has a side of them that contains art, design, and style that they would love to share.

Respectively of body size, race, or religion. Be proud of who you are. Follow us on Instagram @chincotonaija as we share our own style.

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